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Automated Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Automated Amazon Affiliate Marketing.  AAB allows you to create amazing amazon affiliate sites on complete autopilot even if you have zero experience!  With AAB on your site you can do it all.

What Azon Auto Builder Can Do For You

  • Manage Unlimited Number of Amazon Affiliate Sites

    With this new feature you can now save and load as many of your amazon affiliate sites as you wish and manage them from one central location!

  • Create Custom Site Categories

    With this new feature you have the option of letting the software create the default store categories or you can create your own custom categories right from the software!

  • Add Custom Categories in Addition to the Automated Default Categories

    With this feature you can let the software created all of the default store categories for you.  Then you can add your own custom categories saving you a ton of time!

  • Load Custom Categories and Post Directly to Them

    With this feature you can load the custom categories you created in the software and post directly to them adding products into any category you wish!

  • AAB will log into your new wordpress installation and complete all of the basic site setup steps including deleting sample pages and post, create required pages with content, set your permalinks, adding ping services, add AAB Plugins, add AAB template, sets template settings, ads your logo, sets your meta title, description and keywords, and ads your about us text
  • In step 2 AAB will add your amazon affiliate information for you to ensure you get commissions for sales. AAB also sets technical settings for you so you don’t ever have to mess with complicated settings
  • AAB will automatically add all of your social and web 2.0 accounts for you along with allowing you to create a profile to save this information. This will allow you to post amazon affiliate products across multiple platforms including facebook pages for even more commissions
  • Next it’s time to add products. AAB allows you to add products by asin. Simply paste your list of asins into the software and click the button. You can also add products to your site by keyword. Put in your main product keywords, choose how many products you want to add and just click the button!
  • AAB can completely optimize your site for speed so that to ensure your site visitors have a good experience and it does it automatically.
  • AAB can do complete backups of your site to ensure that if something happens to your site you have a backup at the ready
  • Want to add your own plugins? No problem. AAB can upload as many plugins as you like and activate them all at one time and on complete auto pilot
  • AAB can now take your banner ad code whether it be amazon banner ads or google adsense adds and insert them throughout the content of your site.
  • Azon Auto Builder is your complete automated amazon affiliate marketing solution! Get started today!

5 Awesome Templates Available Pre Configured For AAB.  Additional Templates Being Added Soon!

Template #1



Member Features

  • Immediate Download

    After you purchase AAB,  you will be able to register and login to your members area where you will find your download link and you can get started immediately

  • User Forum

    We have an integrated user forum where you can ask support questions and communicate with other AAB users.  In the forum we keep you up to day on the latest releases of AAB

  • Training

    In your members area,  we provide you with written training material along with videos showing you how to use AAB so that you get the most out of your new software.

Software Highlights

  • Push Button Ease

    The software is very user friendly.  You don’t need to know anything about building websites.  Simply copy and paste your information and click the button and AAB will do all of the work for you.

  • AAB is Very Fast

    Azon Auto Builder runs very fast allowing you to create amazon affiliate sites faster then ever before and definitely faster then your competition.  Your competition will be wondering how you do it.

  • Endless Profits

    Since AAB creates valuable web properties the possibilities for making money using only AAB are endless.  Create as many of these highly valuable web properties and ensure your profit empire

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What People Are Saying About AAB

This is my second comment, but I have to say this. You guys are just awesome!!!! This is by far my best buying experience I ever came across ordering Software on the internet. I promise, when I see other software out there what would be useful to me, I will only get it from you!!! ”Hans, ””
Shane, I was just dropping in to say, love your concept!! Azon Auto Builder is what Amazon affiliate sites should be all about, and every affiliate should have this software installed on their pc’s. Now, having said that… The clever concept is any marketer’s dream 🙂 – It’s very easy to use, – super-fast to build and have it up-and-running at no time. – So that we can go on with our lives, lol. ”Larma, ””
I am very happy with this software, works exactly as promised. The support is outstanding. I am very confidant there will be great updates coming in the future. Keep up the great work guys, you have my total support. ”Hans, ””
Hi Shane, I am extremely pleased with this software and have just recently broken into the amazon web building area. I started exploring amazon about 6 months ago and held up because of their payment structure and lower commission rates.

I think it takes a huge amount of knowledge for people to understand the ins and out of internet marketing, as well as all of Google’s rules and changes. I have been in the game for about 3 years now and have not been overly successful online as of yet. Your software has changed that perspective. Although it is not the get rich quick scheme (which is non-existent anyway), it is very lucrative to consider that one could feasibly make a tidy passive income using your software. ”Rosana”, ”AAB

It just keeps getting Better & Better!
Thanks, Shane! ””, ”Boomer
I  have loaded a couple of sites, the AAB software worked extremely well and the sites look super! , ””

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About The Developers

My name is Shane Paxton and my Co-Devolper is Carl Smith.  I have personally been a amazon affiliate for about 10 years and for the last 4 years I have been creating amazon affiliate sites for people all over the world.  Throughout this time,  I discovered that there were many people that had the desire to make money as a amazon affiliate but they just didn’t have the experience or know how to create their own amazon affiliate sites so they quit before they ever got started.

I wanted to take these road blocks and totally remove them for these people.  I believe that people shouldn’t be denied their dream just because of technical know how and that’s why I created Azon Auto Builder.

Azon Auto Builder allows anyone who has the desire to be a amazon affiliate and have their own website to do just that no matter what experience they have or don’t have.  They are able to use this software and realize their dream.

AAb will change so many people’s outlook and give them hope for the future.

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